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First find out how much your items are worth. It is recommended to have each item evaluated ….this is the most important step!

The price of each item may vary depending on how and where the item is sold.

The following is a list of market places to consider. Brian Lehman Evaluations Inc. cannot be held responsible for your choice. We do not have a retail outlet therefore do not purchase any items.

1. Estate Sale: We can assist you with an Estate Sale Pros plan from start to finish (usually an entire household). When an entire or partial household needs to be sold, we will organize, sort and price all items according to the current market. We attract hundreds of people to the sale. This is accomplished over a 3-4 day time period. Prices at the sale are higher than Garage Sales and in some cases, even higher than Auctions. Previous sales have grossed $15000.00 to $175,000.00. Expect to pay for expert advice. Call for information (403) 249-7333.

2. Internet: Very tricky today, most people want to buy it cheap and sell it high–and you must ship what you sell.

3. Retail/Consignment: Not many stores actually exist anymore that will consign your items. Many “collectors” stores have closed because of the internet.

4. Sell to a collector: This person will ultimately appreciate your item for their collection. Therefore, they may be more willing to pay a higher market price.

5. Classified Ad’s: Local classified ad’s only attract modest interest. This usually comes from dealers who can only afford to pay 25% of what they feel they can get for an item. The local market is not recommended. Be careful who you invite into your home.

6. Sell to a dealer: This person will be buying your item(s) to re-sell. Keep in mind that they will pay very little for your item(s). See under classified ad’s.

7. Auction: This market may seem like an easy way to get rid of your items in a hurry. Remember, there are no guarantees as to what dollars you will make. You will pay a commision to the auctioneer which may be negotiable. Predetermining the price you wish to receive is known as having a “reserve” . With this method, you still owe the auctioneer a commision even if the item does not sell. Be sure to clarify which method you wish prior to the company picking up your items.