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What to ask your Insurance Agent/Broker

An hour spent going through your policy, clause by clause, with your agent/broker is an hour well spent. Here are a few questions to help you get the information you need to better understand yours.

1. What does my insurance cover?
You should know what is and is not covered, so you can make contingency plans.

2. Is this coverage right for my needs?
We all have individual needs and concerns and a generic policy might not fit your specific requirements.

3. How can I decide how much insurance I need to fully protect my home?
Many homeowners are surprised at the cost of rebuilding a home, especially if theirs is only a few years old. If you are uncertain about whether or not your home is insured for its replacement value, ask your insurance agent.

4. What kind of service does my insurance company provide?
You need to know if your company has claims offices across the country and how you file a claim if you are out of town. You should also ask what other services your insurance company provides.

5. Ask about any terminology you don’t fully understand.
Remember, you are paying the agent/broker to serve your needs. If you don’t understand your coverage, or what a term means, ask for clarification.