What some of our clients have to say!

Jannie could not have provided more professional service! She advised me on all of my options, gave me everything in writing; she was thorough & efficient. She’s also a really nice person!

Hi Donna!

Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for everyone who worked on my sale to make it a great success!

It was made very easy for me and my house is empty as of yesterday. You have such wonderful people working for you and I appreciated all their hard work.

Your quick communication and accommodation also made my move out less stressful.


Knew nothing of estate/moving sales. Very informative. Confident if I went with this company all would be handled professionally.

Donna was really wonderful and caring, you can tell it’s so much more than a job for her.

Can’t wait until the next sale.

I contacted Brian Lehman Evaluation, Inc., upon the advice of a trusted friend who used their services to organize an estate sale for her parents’ home after their deaths. She spoke of them
with such respect and admiration.

Nancy, these people are amazing! How Brian, Donna, and their team navigated the sale of things big and small that my parents had collected over the years made such a big difference at a very difficult time. They were so sensitive to our need to say “good bye” while ensuring that items were sent to their next home. We were also very fortunate that they were willing to make the trip to Edmonton to help us with this process.

Following my father’s death and the move of my mother, I knew I needed help in sorting through the archives and artifacts of the home they lived in for 46 years. I contacted them for practical and pragmatic reasons – – to take care of things for me, organize, and dispose – – to ready the house for sale. 

And they did those things with discernment, good taste, and expertise. What surprised me, however, is what they did more subtly. As a grief counsellor, and a researcher in the area of grief, I recognized that what they did was skillful grief work. What they do is help people gently handle the remnants of lives lived and lost, learn what to keep and toss, what to sell, what to hold and what to let go. That is much of the work of grief: knowing what to let go and what to hold on to. The people at Brian Lehman’s seem to know this art skillfully. It might be, in part, intuitive but I am convinced that it is learned and honed over time, and with a good heart driving its purpose.

There are many examples I offer of how they do this. In the first appraisal, though my parents’ home held little of “worth,” Brian and Lunette walked through the home respectfully, showing interest, and finding value in some things I did not see as valuable. Later, Lunette, in sorting through my father’s “junk” collections to organize the estate sale, found coins and set them aside in the event that my son might like them to keep from his grandfather. The gentleness and warmth of Donna the day of sale, greeting me with the kindest of hugs, acknowledging that this is hard work, and trying to make me feel at home in the process of saying goodbye to a home that I grew up in. 

This is not a business trying to make money but a business that truly cares for its clients, that knows that grief is hard work, that recognizes that things are never just “things” to those who know them, that things hold lifetimes of memories. In my experience, I believe my work with these people was a part of my own grieving, and that they knew exactly what I needed to help me on the way.

– Nancy J Moules, RN, PhD
– Kathryn King, Shier, RN, PhD

Dear Donna and Entire Lehman Staff,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your efforts.  It couldn’t have gone better.  The respectful manner that everyone treated this was so awesome.  Thank you, Thank you.

– Warren and Marilynne Manning

Everything was awesome especially the outcome. You have great staff, always on the ball, friendly, compassionate and so helpful to the rest of us. Jeff and I were very impressed and thankful. I was stressed through the whole process so happy to have others directing!

–  Carol

Dear Brian and Donna,

What an incredible life journey we have had together these past six months. Your expertise, advice and guidance in so many areas was invaluable. Both of you made the melancoly task of emptying mom’s house, our family home – a positive experience filled with so many wonderful memories of a time spent with both friends and family. We will always treasure your friendship and the kindess you showed us during this difficult time. Thank you for also having us on the radio to share our experience with your listeners.

–  Janice and Spencer
Strathmore, AB

Thank you once again for all your assistance and support during the estate sale.  We were very pleased with your hard work as well as how smoothly we sold our house. I recommend you to everyone I talk to! Thank you!


–  Erin
Calgary, AB

We could not have gotten through all of this so smoothly! All the best!


–  Michelle & Debbie
Calgary, AB

Thank you once again for looking after my aunts estate for me. I placed my trust in you and you never let me down. You arranged for everything to be done and it was such a big load off of my shoulders. Living in British Columbia, was very difficult for me to arrange everything on my own After my meeting with Brian, I really felt he was someone I could trust, he kept me well informed and never failed me once.

I feel I have gained two new friends. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart


–  Gail
British Columbia

Thank you for the excellent manner you and your staff handled my estate sale. I have nothing but praise for the competent and professional manner in which your staff handled the preperation of the sale and the conduct of it. All aspects of the sale, including the revenue it generated, exceeded my expectations.

I want to especially thank Donna for the excellent signage she set up directing people to our house. The signs and the placement were very effective.

– Harold
Calgary, AB

On behalf of the Junior League of Calgary I would like to extend our thanks for donating your assistance in organizing an estate sale. Your contribution will help us to raise the funds necessary for our community projects. Your support was greatly appeciated. Thank you!

– Junior League of Calgary
Calgary, AB

Just like to tell you how pleased our family was with the estate sale that you managed for us last month. Not only did we sell items that Mom and Dad would not have had room for in their new residence, but it saved us the money and hassle of having to store those items… Making a profit on the event was also very nice!

More importantly however, the foot traffic produced by the event yielded a number of people as potential buyers of the condo. One of the people who attended the sale made an offer through our realtor which we found acceptable and ultimately closed. There is no question that we would not have found that buyer without the estate sale.

Thank you so very much as there were large number of homes for sale in the track and we were worried about not generating sufficient interest in the sale of the condo. The estate sale clearly greatly improved our chances of having far more people exposed to the condo than we could have had through traditional open houses and advertising!

– Stu
Calgary, AB

Just wanted you to know that I drove home to Regina for Christmas (with the games table I brought at the estate sale in Black Diamond in the car) and my mom LOVED it. She was truly surprised and it was the best gift ever. So thanks for helping (finally) uncover the perfect antique card table for my bridge fanatic mother! Thank you so much!

– Cinda
Calgary, AB

Thank you for your exceptional radio program “What’s it Worth” broadcast from QR 77 at 1:00 PM Sundays. This was our favourite radio program and our Sunday lunch revolves around your presentation of “What’s it Worth” – We eat while we listen! (What’s it Worth is no longer aired on QR 77. The last show aired in 2007)

We would like to commend you for some of the aspects of your program we really enjoy:

1) You are enthusiastic!

2) We like your voice, presentation and laughter

3) Your voice conveys you have a special place in your heart for your more “senior callers”

4) You give endless tips about caring for your “treasures”

5) You advise us pertaining to information about local businesses in order to solve our queries – eg. obtaining old stereo parts, jewellery appraisals, picture framing, etc.

6) You are very helpful and patient with all your callers

7) We like hearing about interesting items you come across as well as what you percieve to be “hot” for collectors

8) You teach and entertain all at once!

9) You alert your audience with tips on what to watch for when scouring estate and garage sales.

10) You make yourself available to your listening audience by conducting evaluations

11) We appreciate your tips on fun spots to have lunch or tea and what highlights or attractions are interesting.

12) Your love of what you do really shines through!

Keep up the superb work! You are valued!

– Marilyn and Leonard
Calgary, AB

We the famiy members, would like to take this time to thank you and your staff for helping us to arrange and conduct the sale of our aunt and uncles possessions. As you can well imagine this is a difficult tast for most people in our situation. You and your company made this make sense, as your explanations of “family items” was the direction we required, you made it simple and we are thankful for this.

We very much respect your values and are grateful of your consultation, we could not have completed the wishes of our aunt and uncle with out your help.

Once again my Auntie Pat and Uncle Jack, as well as all our family members thank you and your staff for your assistance, guidance and a job well done, thank you!

– Michael
Calgary, AB

Recently, as you know, our 91 year old cousin had to move to a nursing home. Over the years she had collected many items which had to be sold. We were overwhelmed by the job we had to do, and as often happens, we had no idea which items were collectibles.

We called you to come and give us an evaluation of the contents and the home itself. You helped us set up the sale of the contents, showing us how to price the items, and how to display them.

The house was sold in a very short time and everything to do with the sale went smoothly. Our asking price was achieved.

Although there is a charge for the services you provide, we would like to thank you for all the little things you did for us and most of all your integrity. When we looked back on all we accomplished we knew we couldnt have done it without your help. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone!

– Judy
Calgary, AB

Thank you for:

Being good friends

Getting us started

For keeping us going

For giving us direction

For the lovely weekend

– Norm
Calgary, AB

Thank you! The second annual auction to benefit the Childrens Wish Foundation of Canada was a great success. Your support helped us realize net proceeds of appoximately $34,000!

The money will go along way in helping to grant wishes for terminally ill children in Alberta. We appreciate your intuition.

– Children’s Wish Foundation
Calgary, AB

Just to thank you all for a job which took so much of the weight and responsibility from our shoulders. We are very grateful.

– Elizabeth & Jon
Calgary, AB
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