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Determining the value of items is difficult, and this is why appraisals are so important. No matter the item or circumstance, it is important that each value is accurate. What about that other value? The item that has been in your family for generations? Although this does not impact the price, Brian Lehman and his team understand the importance of treating these treasures with care and compassion.

Why Get an Appraisal?

We provide you with the peace of mind to approach your insurance adjuster with evidence of your assets and their value.

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Jannie Stoodley CPPA, ISA
Brian Lehman CPPA

CPPA (Canadian Personal Property Appaiser)
ISA (Member of The International Society of Appraisers)

– Consultations/Assessments for selling purposes

– Insurance Appraisals

– Estate Planning

– Planning & Organizing

– Probate & Estate Dispersal

– Estate Sale Services


On-Site Appraisal?

We can help with that!