What is it worth?

Placing value on something can be tricky. Whether it be your home, its contents, a single item or a combination of these, it’s important that the value of each is accurate.

But what about that other value? The value attached to a home that your children grew up in, or the of the item that has been in your family for generations. Though this does not impact the price tag, Brian Lehman and his team understand the importance of treating your treasures with the care and compassion that they (and you) deserve.

Brian Lehman and his team have more decades of experience in the appraisal and estate sale industries. Brian himself is well known for his appraisals on CBC Radio, and has been featured on many television programs throughout his memorable career. 

“I love my work.”

– Brian Lehman


We love attending tradeshows and events! They allow us the opportunity to meet our clients face to face and appraise their wonderful treasures. We also get to see this marvelous country, “Antiques Roadshow” style.

These events are usually hosted by large or small communities in Alberta and surrounding areas, and events can be sponsored by any organization seeking public attention. Brian’s enigmatic personality and passion for his work makes for a successful entertaining event. Are you looking to host an informative and entertaining event?

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